Awning Models

We offer many different SunSetter models to ensure that your new awning fits your home and your lifestyle perfectly.

Our Selection

Motorized Awning

Motorized Awning

The SunSetter Motorized Awning is our most popular model. It is a lateral arm awning with support arms that open horizontally under the awning fabric. It opens and closes easily with the touch of a button, allowing you to operate your awning from anywhere – even from inside your home. Plus, our optional Dimming LED Lights will extend your awning usage well into the evening.

Manual VISTA Awning

VISTA Awning

Roll out SunSetter shade and protection in under one minute with this manually operated, hand-cranked awning system. Get the same protection and lateral-arm style as our motorized awnings without the cost of motorization.

Manual XT Awnings

XT Awnings

Our 1000XT manually operated model feature adjustable, vertical support arms that allow you to easily open your awning and position it in a way that best suits your space (either vertically on your patio floor or angled back against your house wall). This model is ideal for getting SunSetter shade and quality on even the tightest of budgets.